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The Diocese of Alabama is a community of 92 congregations with more than 30,000 members in the state. Our congregations, worshiping communities, campus ministry centers, and outreach ministries are located throughout central and northern Alabama. We invite you to visit us, join us in worship, and to grow with us in our relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Click here for a directory of our churches and a map of our church locations.

Fall Conference

ECW Live-Streamed Video Fall Conference

Friday, October 23

12:00- 4:00

Invitation to the Table:  Finding Your Place

Morning Prayer Service with Homily by The Rt. Rev. Kee Sloan

Speaker: The Rt. Rev Glenda Curry

Workshop: Spiritual Practices for Our Life in Christ led by Rev. Mary Catherine Akamatsu, Metagem Institute

The workshop will explore four types of spiritual practices as well as our tendency to prefer certain types of practices and how we can use our preferences for growth in our relationship with Christ.  We will use the Metagem Institute’s Spirituality Types Practices Indicator (STPI)   A link to complete the assessment will be emailed and results provided to you at the workshop.

We will include with a short business meeting. 
All are invited. 


There is no charge for the conference.  Donations can be made to ECW programs by going to ECWGive.

To register and receive all materials for the conference,  email