Parish President's Responsibilities
Parish ECW leaders have responsibilities at the parish, convocation, and diocesan level. 
  • As new ECW officers in your parish are elected each year the annual Parish ECW Information Sheet should be completed.


  • Make sure you get the files of the outgoing parish ECW President (or officer)


  • Calendar Handbooks are distributed at Fall Convocation meetings and at Fall Conference. Two calendars are given to each parish. Additional calendars may be ordered and purchased at cost from the President-Elect.


  • Keep yourself and your parish informed of Convocation and Diocesan deadlines, events, and activities by staying in communication with your Convocation Coordinator, reading and distributing your Diocesan ECW Calendar Handbook, and visiting this website for announcements and news. 


  • Send notices of your parish events to your Convocation Coordinator and the Webmaster to be publicized in The Alabama Episcopalian and on this website.


  • Every seven years, your convocation will host a Fall Conference. Please ask your Convocation Coordinator how your parish ECW can help. The hosting schedule is listed here.


  • Make sure your parish sends in its annual Parish ECW Giving Contribution. Please make all checks sent to Alabama ECW, payable to:  Episcopal Church Women, Diocese of Alabama, 521 North 20th Street, Birmingham, AL, 35203-2611


Parish President's Key Dates
  • UTO Grants available

  • Parish annual contribution due.  Please notify the ECW Treasurer as to the amount and expected date of payment

  • Convocation Dues to be sent to your Convocation Treasurer

  • Convocation President meetings

  • March 31: ECW Scholarship applications due.

  • Spring: attend Convocation Meetings.

  • Spring: Diocesan Parish Leadership Training in Birmingham. Contact the President-Elect for more information.

  • CPC Sunday is traditionally the first Sunday of May. Arrange the date with your rector.

  • May 15: UTO Spring Ingathering should be arranged with your rector.

  • July 29: Deadline for Calendar Handbook updates to be sent to President-Elect and Deadline for ordering extra handbooks

  • Send names of college students to state chaplains.

  • September 15: Memorial Roll list due.

  • The first week in October is the Fall Conference. Send two voting delegates.

  • Fall: Attend Convocation Meetings

  • No later than November 13: UTO Fall Ingathering